Grow a Telegram Channel:from Zero to MRR

3-hour course to unlock
the power of telegram channels

* Only until June 15: $150 off!

Alex Drobushevsky

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I started creating Telegram channels from scratch and experimented with numerous methods to develop them.

So far, I have three Telegram channels, in Russian and English, and earn $5,000 per month spending five hours a week creating content.

It's a valuable additional source of income, which allows me to develop other projects without financial worries.

Here is how

one of my Telegram channels grew

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One of Telegram channels has more than 14,000 followersso far and receives over 100,000 views a month.

Unlike platforms like X or YouTube, you don’t need a large following here to start earning income. I began earning from just 1,000 followers.

Currently, this channel generates about $2,000 a month.

How to make money

with a Telegram Channel?

There are many reasons why people create Telegram channels, as well as numerous ways to monetize them. You just need the right strategy and some persistence.

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Earn money from displaying ads

Telegram began sharing ad revenue in March 2024.

Channel owners now receive 50% of all revenue that the company earns from ads displayed in their channels.

You can earn from official Telegram ads starting from 1,000 followers.

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Earn money from sponsor ads

You can receive orders for advertisements by adding your Telegram channel to Telegram advertising platforms once you reach 1,000 followers.

You can also directly attract advertisers.

You can set a high price, especially if your Telegram channel is specialized.

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Earn money by promoting your business

Many people on Telegram promote their product or personal brand.

Telegram channels increase reach and exposure. Using a Telegram channel along with a Telegram group helps in building a community.

There is a more involved audience here than on other social media platforms.

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Other Ways

There are many other ways to monetize a Telegram channel: receiving donations, affiliate marketing, charging a fee to join a private channel, selling channels, etc.

This course helps you

You'll learn everything you need for successfully starting and growing a Telegram channel.



How to set up a Telegram channel from scratch and understand the differences with other social media platforms.


Make Content

Explore strategies for creating compelling and relevant content tailored to Telegram audience's interests.



Discover effective promotion techniques, both free and paid, and build your own promotion strategy.



Understand the various ways to generate revenue from your channel and how to set up a revenue stream.



Learn about security practices to protect your channel from unauthorized access, bot attacks, and other threats.


Buy and Sell

How to buy and sell Telegram channels, evaluate channel value, negotiate deals, and ensure a smooth transfer process.

Telegram is popular worldwide

Telegram is no longer popular only in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan; it is a global app.

Fourth most popular mobile messenger app

Telegram is the most popular global mobile messenger app as of January 2024, based on the number of monthly active users, after WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger.

One trillion views

Every month, 900 million Telegram users generate one trillion views in public broadcast channels.

Popular in many countries

Here are the top countries by the number of active Telegram users: India (104.04 million), Russia (34.40 million), Indonesia (27.21 million), United States (26.85 million), Brazil (21.94 million).

Grow a Telegram Channel:from Zero to MRR

3-hour course to unlock
the power of telegram channels

* Only until June 15: $150 off!

Alex Drobushevsky

"Maria's strategy really works"

Alex Drobushevsky — Indie Hacker

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my course after payment?

After payment, you will receive the first chapter on monetization. Over the next month, you will receive additional chapters at the rate of one chapter per week.

How can I receive support?

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